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Healers are an necessary a part of RPG video games like Honkai Star Rail to maintain the crew in peak situation whereas additionally advancing the sport. This makes Natasha good for the job of therapeutic her allies. Listed below are one of the best Mild Cones, Eidolons, and Relics to make use of to construct them up.

In Honkai Star Rail, gamers have entry to Natasha early within the sport. Natasha is a four-star rarity healer, a physician from the underworld, and chief of the Wildfire, a gaggle of insurgents.

It’s advisable to maintain her in your crew as she is a free unit and could be unlocked by finishing the Mendacity in Rust on Jarilo-VI mission. She is a superb free-to-play character that’s primarily a robust healer for her allies and an important alternative for groups in fight.

With out additional ado, let’s check out Natasha’s greatest gentle cones, planar ornaments, eidolons, and relics alongside together with her talents in Honkai Star Rail.

Natasha’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, Natasha possesses the next talents:

  • behind the kindness (Fundamental ATK): Offers single goal bodily DMG equal to 50% of Natasha’s ATK.
  • Love, heal and select (Means): Heals an ally based mostly on 9% of their very own Max HP plus 60. Then the ally beneficial properties therapeutic based mostly on 6% of Natasha’s Max HP plus 40 for the subsequent two turns.
  • reward of rebirth (Final): All allies obtain therapeutic based mostly on 11.1% of Natasha’s Max HP plus 74.
  • innervation (Expertise): Natasha grants 25% extra therapeutic when the goal ally’s HP is lower than 30% of their most HP.
  • hypnosis analysis (Approach): Immediately assault the enemy. After Natasha enters fight, she offers Bodily DMG equal to 80% of her ATK to a random enemy that has a 100% base likelihood to weaken all enemies. All weak enemies deal 30% much less DMG to allies for 1 flip.

Find out how to use Natasha in Honkai Rail

Though Natasha has a primary assault that offers bodily DMG in Honkai Star Rail, it is all the time greatest to make use of her because the healer she’s meant to be. Her main function is to spice up her allies’ HP, so prioritizing the best therapeutic talents reasonably than utilizing her primary assault is good. She’s a four-star healer who makes certain her groups keep alive whereas they deal injury to others.

Natasha belongs to the Bodily ingredient, and her Fundamental ATK offers Bodily injury to those that share the identical weak point. Gamers who’ve them ought to deal with utilizing their final potential and their potential to take injury from enemies equally.

Natasha’s Eidolon Ranges in Honkai Star Rail

Natasha Honkai StarRailHoYover

Natasha is a four-star healer and her main function is to heal her allies.

In Honkai Star Rail, the warp system helps you get new characters, and Eidolons are used to stage up your character. Natasha lets you improve her Eidolons as much as six instances in-game:

  • Pharmacological Experience (Eidolon Stage 1): After an assault, if Natasha’s HP is the same as or lower than 30% of her Max HP, she heals herself 1 time to revive 20% of her Max HP plus 160. This impact happens as soon as per battle.
  • scientific analysis (Eidolon Stage 2): ​​After utilizing her Final, Natasha constantly heals allies with 30% or much less HP for 1 flip. Therapeutic relies on 6% of Natasha’s Max HP plus 160.
  • The appropriate treatment (Eidolon Stage 3): Ability Lv. +2, as much as a most of Lv. 15. Fundamental ATK Lv. +1, as much as a most of Lv. 10
  • miracle treatment (Eidolon Stage 4): Natasha regenerates 5 extra vitality after being hit by an enemy assault.
  • preventive therapy (Eidolon Stage 5): Final Lv. +2, as much as a most of Lv. 15. Expertise Lv. +2, as much as a most of Lv. 15
  • Docs Grace (Eidolon Stage 6): Natasha’s base ATK’s Bodily DMG is elevated by 40% of her Max HP.

Eidolons are much like Constellations you might bear in mind from Genshin Affect. They act as upgrades after getting duplicates of a personality.

In Natasha’s case, her second eidolon may have her constantly heal after she makes use of her final, and the fourth eidolon will regenerate extra vitality after she’s been attacked. The ultimate Eidolon will improve Natasha’s base ATK injury, but it surely’s greatest to maintain her as a healer reasonably than a injury seller.

For injury dealing, one of the best choices could be Honkai Star Rails Jing Yuan and even Soul.

Natasha’s greatest stats in Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, Natasha performs the function of a healer and follows the path of abundance. she has a bodily merchandise However her actual job is to heal her crew and ensure nobody dies.

Their greatest stats are as follows:

  • Physique: Outgoing therapeutic enhance
  • toes:HP%
  • planar sphere:HP%
  • connecting rope: Power regeneration charge

Greatest gentle cones for Natasha in Honkai Sar Rail

Time waits for nobody

It is a five-star cone of sunshine that will increase the wearer’s most HP and outgoing therapeutic by 12-24%. Because the wearer heals allies, the cone of sunshine data the quantity of therapeutic being achieved. Now when allies carry out an assault, one of many attacked enemies beneficial properties further DMG equal to 50-100% of the beforehand recorded outgoing therapeutic.

postoperative dialog

It is a four-star cone of sunshine that will increase the wielder’s vitality regeneration charge by 8-16% and their therapeutic by 12-24% after utilizing an final.


It is a three-star cone of sunshine that will increase the wearer’s therapeutic output by 12-24% after utilizing their talent or final.

Though you could possibly give Natasha the five-star cone of sunshine referred to as Time Waits for No One, which is greatest for Bailu, she will simply take advantage of the four-star post-op discuss, which focuses on improved therapeutic by way of Final focuses identical to Natasha heals her allies.

You may get it by pulling the gacha, however in case you aren’t getting the cones of sunshine, you need to use Cornucopia. It is a three-star cone of sunshine that will increase Natasha’s general therapeutic energy after she makes use of her potential, which is able to turn out to be useful in battle.

Greatest relic units for Natasha in Honkai Sar Rail

For Natascha it might be greatest to mix that passer by Wandering Cloud Relic set with the Fleet of the Ageless Planar Ornaments.

  • Passer of the wandering cloud
    • Two-piece bonus: Will increase therapeutic by 10%
    • 4-part bonus: The bearer instantly regenerates 1 talent level firstly of fight.
  • Fleet of the Timeless: The wearer’s most HP is elevated by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or extra, the ATK of all allies will increase by 8%.

Natasha’s therapeutic in Honkai Star Rail relies on her max HP, so gamers want to collect as a lot HP as potential from Relics and Mild Cones. All in all, one of the best relic set for Natasha in Honkai Rail could be utilizing the four-piece Passer of Wandering Cloud together with the two-piece Fleet of Ageless Planar Decoration.

Wandering Cloud’s passer could be a greater match till you unlock extra relics to your character by advancing the story. As well as, it will increase outgoing therapeutic and grants Natasha a talent level proper from the beginning. Lastly, Fleet of the Timeless will increase max HP when Natasha’s SPD is 120 or extra, together with a fast assault enhance for her allies.

Nicely, that is all it’s essential find out about one of the best gentle cones, relics, and talents for Natasha.

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