The Exorcist reboot has 10 mysteries and questions to solve about Regan

The Exorcist reboot has 10 mysteries and questions to resolve about Regan

Followers are asking many questions and riddles about Regan The Exorcist and furthermore be answered or solved The Exorcist: Believer, which is because of be launched later this 12 months. Regan is an fascinating character and never a lot background is given about her within the first two Exorcist movies. However because the budding sequel attracts nearer, viewers will probably be in for some resolutions to the questions surrounding Regan’s character.

Linda Blair solely performs Regan MacNeil within the first two Exorcist movies, The ExorcistAnd Exorcist 2: The Heretic, however there’s a chance that she’s going to return to the sequence The Exorcist: Believer.The primary movie reveals her possessed for many of the storyline, with a couple of third of the movie displaying her in a standard state having fun with her relationship along with her mom, Chris. Within the second movie, she appears unpossessed for many of the movie, at the least that is the way it appears at first look. Regardless, a lot about her character stays a thriller, and there are some questions audiences will need answered within the upcoming reboot. The Exorcist: Believer.

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10 How and why did Pazuzu goal Regan first in The Exorcist?

Pazuzu Demon and Regan from The Exorcist

If the spirit of Pazuzu, the king of the wind demons, was unearthed throughout an archaeological dig in Iraq, there needed to be a particular cause why he selected to focus on Regan for the possession, dwelling in Washington DC all the best way to Regan used a Ouija board along with her mom in an early a part of The Exorcist, which can have served as a portal for Pazuzu to enter her dwelling. Nevertheless, there have been actually many different folks on the earth utilizing a Ouija board on the similar time, a few of whom might have been stationed nearer to Iraq, which meant nearer distance for the demon.

Moreover, the open query stays as to why the demon would assault a younger woman and never, say, a powerful, muscular man who might have been a extra psychologically harmful opponent for clergymen who would possibly later try to exorcise him. Even earlier than the Ouija board recreation, Regan talked about her invisible buddy whom she referred to as Captain Howdy. It’s believed that Captain Howdy is definitely Pazuzu, suggesting that he had an affect on Regan’s life even earlier than the Ouija board was used.

Pazuzu might have used Father Merrin as a telepathic hyperlink to the opposite clergymen talking exterior a Washington DC church. Regan’s mom might be seen strolling previous these clergymen whereas taking a look at them gravely in one in all her first appearances within the movie for an unknown cause. Perhaps she senses evil round her at that second, which possibly was the evil of Pazuzu clinging to Regan’s mom to observe her dwelling. Nevertheless, that is all hypothesis and it is under no circumstances clear how or why Pazuzu managed to affiliate himself with the MacNeil family, one thing audiences would possibly be capable to get solutions to The Exorcist: Believer.

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9 Did Pazuzu select Regan due to her title?

Linda Blair as Regan in The Exorcist.

Curiously, “Regan” is a gender-neutral title given to each women and boys. Derived from the Irish surname Ua Riagáin, the title actually means ‘king’ or ‘ruler’. Pazuzu is a king himself, the king of the wind demons, so that may be an apt affiliation. Moreover, the unisex title would possibly point out that Pazuzu solely felt comfy proudly owning a persona whose title may additionally be applicable for a person, making it extra applicable for him to take over Regan’s physique fully and begin figuring out himself as the damaging king demon who he’s, appropriately rising his intimidation and energy.

eighth When Pazuzu began possessing Regan within the Exorcist timeline

Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist.

Though the widespread assumption is that Pazuzu started possessing Regan by way of the usage of the Ouija board, as beforehand talked about, Captain Howdy was launched simply earlier than the Ouija board recreation. Regan’s first possession, nevertheless, happens off-camera when she mumbles profanities and urinates in the midst of the lounge throughout a home social gathering thrown by Chris. Regan is later seen shaking violently in her mattress, suggesting that is when Pazuzu takes full management over Regan. This convoluted Exorcist timeline is additional difficult by the Director’s Lower, which reveals extra scenes of Regan appearing sinister earlier than the brutal bedside sequence the place Pazuzu positive aspects additional management over Regan.

7 Was Pazuzu truly exorcised by Regan on the finish of The Exorcist?

Regan in The Exorcist

It’s proven within the sequel Exorcist 2: The Hereticthat Regan stays below the affect of one thing sinister after the occasions The Exorcist. With Regan nonetheless being pursued by entities, the query of whether or not she was efficiently exorcised throughout her disturbing experiences in Washington DC appears curious or involved {that a} new hypnosis machine is on the follow. That could be nothing, nevertheless it would possibly point out that the evil spirits have stayed along with her for the reason that finale The Exorcist.

6 Did Pazuzu repossess Regan on the finish of The Exorcist?

The Exorcist Regan's eye color was obsessed with Karras

What would possibly clarify demons staying in Regan from the beginning is that Pazuzu regains management of Regan after Damien Karras jumped out the window to his dying on the finish of The Exorcist. That is fully believable because the viewers witnesses Karras battle again as his eyes change coloration as Regan’s did and he proceeds to strangle Regan by yelling, “NO!“His face seems regular for a second earlier than he instantly jumps out the window. In that temporary second of Karras resisting the demon’s will, Pazuzu might have jumped again into Regan earlier than Karras jumps to his dying.

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5 The which means of Regan’s ardour for faucet dancing in Exorcist 2

Linda Blair as Regan in Exorcist 2

The truth that Regan likes to faucet dance Exorcist 2: The Heretic can don’t have any which means in any way aside from that Linda Blair tries her hand at one thing new and thrilling within the sequel. Nevertheless, it could have a extra sinister which means. Faucet dancing, together with drawing, is a really harmless follow, one thing a younger baby would possibly attempt to study. Regan seems frightened as she tries to study Faucet. If she’s nonetheless possessed at this stage, possibly Pazuzu is attempting to painting Regan because the harmless, innocent little woman he must hold a low profile, a naïve try by Pazuzu to maintain his cowl up.

4 Why Regan can learn minds in Exorcist 2

Regan under hypnosis in The Exorcist II

Whereas The Exorcist, it turns into clear that Pazuzu possesses telepathic talents, as demonstrated by studying Karras’ thoughts on a number of events. This might clarify why Regan is ready to learn minds Exorcist 2: The Hereticthat she is actually nonetheless possessed and Pazuzu is simply mendacity asleep till she is threatened once more by the Church. Both that or Regan is free from evil influences, however this energy was inadvertently bestowed on her by her experiences in Washington DC. One other chance is that Regan has this capability anyway, which solely raises additional questions as to how and why that is the case.

3 Was Regan gifted from the beginning?

Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist.

Whereas Exorcist 2: The Heretic, Regan demonstrates her telepathic talents by serving to one other younger woman along with her autism. She reads the unstated phrases within the little woman’s thoughts and encourages her to talk fluently, which is her first time doing it. If that is Pazuzu’s work, it is unclear why he would do it. This strongly means that Regan possesses this energy, that that is her expertise and hers solely. In spite of everything, she will be able to confidently inform her mom on the very starting The Exorcist that she is conscious of how a lot her mom likes Mr. Denning, which got here as a shock to Chris.

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2 Who was Regan’s father?

Father Merrin stands in front of Regan's house in The Exorcist.

Regan’s father is talked about in an early scene The Exorcist, between Regan and her mom as Regan is being put to mattress. Her mother and father are within the midst of a bitter divorce course of (her father is absent from Europe and the movie). In keeping with the Exorcist novel, Regan has an image of her father, Howard MacNeil, on her bedside desk.

It stays unclear why Regan’s mother and father determined to divorce and why she is being handled so bitterly. One chance is that the already possessed Regan pushed her father out of the household image, leaving solely herself and her mom. In keeping with legend, Pazuzu, the wind demon king, could be very protecting of pregnant girls and particularly moms, which can clarify why the daddy was by some means pushed out of the household by Pazuzu, who might have already had possession of Regan lengthy earlier than the occasions from The Exorcist began.

1 Is Regan the daughter of Devil?

Linda Blair possessed in The Exorcist

Merely unearthing an historical Pazuzu artifact within the Iraqi desert arguably did not essentially unleash its energy on planet Earth. Fairly, it’s extra believable {that a} demonic spirit dormant inside Regan was woke up from its slumber at the concept that Father Merrin had found one thing so carefully associated to Pazuzu, and thus a connection between the 2, between good and evil, was produced . Extra particularly, Regan might actually be the daughter of Devil.

The Omenlaunched simply two years later The Exorcistmarked the Son from Devil and was undoubtedly impressed by him The Exorcist. This connection between Father Merrin and Pazuzu might have merely triggered one thing in Regan, now conscious of a risk to her existence as Devil’s daughter. The Exorcist: Believerhas an amazing alternative to reply some, if not all, of these devilishly tempting questions The Exorcist And Exorcist: The heretic and unravel the mysteries surrounding Regan MacNeil as soon as and for all.

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