The Seven Last Words of Christ: Powerful Meditations by Ven.  fig.  Fulton Gloss -

The Seven Final Phrases of Christ: Highly effective Meditations by Ven. fig. Fulton Gloss –

Why ought to we ponder Jesus’ final phrases on the cross?

Because the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen defined:

There by no means was a preacher just like the dying Christ. By no means was there such a congregation because the one which gathered across the cross pulpit. There has by no means been a sermon fairly just like the Seven Final Phrases.

Father Raymond J. de Souza additionally shared this religious follow on the Nationwide Catholic Register:

There may be one other Good Friday custom, that of the Seven Final Phrases, which has lately been promoted by Ven. Fulton Sheen, who preached the Seven Final Phrases each Good Friday for 58 years.

Under are the final phrases of Jesus, together with the related scripture verse and prayer written by Ven. Fulton Sheen himself.

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP
Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

1) Father, forgive them, for they have no idea what they’re doing! (Luke 23:34)


Expensive Jesus, I do not need to know the knowledge of the world;
I do not wanna know whose anvil snowflakes get hammered on
or the hiding place of darkness,
or from whose physique the ice got here,
or why does the gold fall to earth, earthly,
and hearth rises to heaven, heavenly;
I do not need to know literature and science
nor the four-dimensional universe by which we stay;
I do not need to know the size of the universe in mild years;
I do not need to know the vastness of the earth dancing across the solar chariot;
I do not need to know the heights of the celebrities, chaste candles of the night time;
I do not need to know the depth of the ocean nor the secrets and techniques of its water palace.
I do not need to find out about any of these items.
I simply need to know the size, the width
and the peak and depth of your redeeming love on the cross,
Candy savior of males.
I need to ignore every thing on the earth, every thing however you, expensive Jesus.
After which, by the strangest of unusual paradoxes, I will likely be sensible!

2) On that day you may be with me in paradise. (Luke 23:43)


Expensive Jesus! Your kindness to the repentant thief is paying homage to the prophecy of the Outdated Testomony: When your sins are so scarlet they grow to be as white as snow; and when they’re as crimson as crimson, they grow to be white as wool. In your phrases of forgiveness to the penitent thief, I now perceive the that means of your phrases: I didn’t come to name the righteous, however sinners. . . The wholesome do not want a physician, however the sick do. There will likely be extra pleasure in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous individuals who don’t want repentance. I now perceive why Peter was not made Your first consultant on earth till he fell thrice in order that the Church of which he was the pinnacle would without end perceive forgiveness and pardon. Jesus, I am starting to see that I may by no means name you Savior if I had by no means sinned. The thief isn’t the one sinner. Right here I’m! However you’re the solely savior.

3) Girl, behold your son. (John 19:26-27)


Oh Mary! When Jesus was born to you in your first delivery of the flesh,
so we had been born of you in your second delivery of the Spirit.
On this approach you will have begotten us into a brand new world of religious relationship
with God as our father, Jesus as our brother and also you as our mom!
If a mom can always remember the kid in her womb, then, Mary,
you must always remember us.

As Coredemptrix in buying the graces of everlasting life,
Be our co-mediator in her dispensation.
nothing is not possible for you
as a result of you’re the mom of him who can do every thing.

In case your son didn’t refuse your request on the banquet at Cana,
He won’t refuse on the heavenly banquet the place you may be topped Queen of angels and saints.
Subsequently, intercede together with your Divine Son
to show the waters of my weak point into the wine of your power.
Mary, you’re the refuge of sinners!
Pray for us now prostrate on the foot of the cross.
Holy Mary, Mom of God, pray for us sinners now and on the hour of our demise.


Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

4) My god! My God! Why did you permit me? (Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34)


Jesus, you are actually the penance for these moments
after we are neither sizzling nor chilly,
members of neither heaven nor earth,
as a result of now you undergo between the 2:
rejected by one, deserted by the opposite.

Since you did not need to quit on sinful humanity,
Your heavenly Father hid his face from you.
Since you did not need to quit The Heavenly Father,
Sinful humanity has turned its again on you.
And so you will have united us each in holy communion.

Individuals can not say that God would not know
What a coronary heart suffers in abandonment, for now you’re deserted.
Individuals can not complain that God doesn’t know the injuries
an inquiring coronary heart that doesn’t really feel the divine presence,
for now this candy presence is seemingly hidden from you.

Jesus, now I perceive ache, abandonment and struggling,
for I see that even the solar has its darkness.
However Jesus, why do not I be taught?
Educate me the way you did not make your individual cross
I will not make my very own both
however settle for the one you make for me.
Inform me how lengthy, how lengthy, oh Lord
Will I make you squirm on the cross?

5) I am thirsty. (John 19:28-29)


Expensive Jesus, You gave every thing for me and but I give nothing in return. What number of instances have you ever come to collect wine in my soul’s winery and located few grapes! What number of instances have you ever searched and located nothing; knocked, and the door of my soul was closed to you! How typically did you ask for a drink, and I solely gave you vinegar and gall!

How typically, expensive Jesus, have I feared to have you ever, in any other case I ought to don’t have anything. I overlook, if I had the flame I might overlook the spark; if I had the solar of your love, I may overlook the candle of a human coronary heart; If I had the proper lap of your bliss I may overlook the damaged bow of the earth. Oh Jesus, my story is the unhappy story of a refusal to return coronary heart for coronary heart, love for love. Earlier than all human items, give me the candy present of sympathy for you.

6) It is completed. (John 19:30)


Expensive Jesus, salvation is Your work; Atonement is mine, for Atonement means oneness together with your life. Your reality and your love. Your work on the cross is completed, however my work is to make you fall. You hung there lengthy sufficient! By your apostle Paul you instructed us that those that are yours crucify their flesh and its lusts. So my work isn’t completed till I take your house on the cross, as a result of if there is no such thing as a Good Friday in my life, there’ll by no means be an Easter Sunday; until there’s a idiot’s gown, there’ll by no means be the white robes of knowledge; with out the crown of thorns there’ll by no means be the glorified physique; if there is no such thing as a battle there’ll by no means be victory; with out thirst there’ll all the time be heavenly refreshment, with out the cross there’ll by no means be an empty tomb. Educate me, Jesus, to perform this activity, for it’s becoming that the sons of males ought to undergo and enter into their glory.

7) Father, into your arms I commend my spirit. (Luke 23:46)


No, Mary! Bethlehem won’t come again.
This isn’t the manger however the cross;
not delivery however demise;
not the day of fellowship with shepherds and kings,
however the hour of a joint demise with thieves;
not Bethlehem, however Golgotha.

Bethlehem is Jesus, such as you.
His sinless mom gave him to the individuals;
Calvary is Jesus when sinful man gave Him again to you.
One thing interfered together with your giving on the manger
and your reception on the cross,
and what has intervened is my sins.

Mary, this isn’t your hour;
it’s my hour, my hour of wickedness and sin.
If I hadn’t sinned, demise would not be hanging now
its black wings round its crimson physique;
if i hadn’t been proud
the atoning crown of thorns would by no means have been woven;
If I had been much less rebellious about strolling
the broad street that results in destruction,
the ft would by no means have been dug with nails;
if I had responded higher to his shepherd calls
from the thorns and thistles,
His lips would by no means have burned;
If I had been extra trustworthy, His cheeks by no means would
are strewn with the kiss of Judas.

Mary, it’s I who stand between His delivery and His approaching redeeming demise!
I warn you, Maria, don’t suppose when your arms embrace him,
that it’s white as a result of it got here from the daddy, however crimson as a result of it got here from me.
In a number of quick seconds your son may have given his soul to his heavenly father,
and his physique in your caressing arms.

The final drops of blood fall from this nice cup of salvation,
stain the wooden of the cross and stain the rocks crimson
quickly be torn aside in terror, and a single drop of it will be sufficient to redeem ten thousand worlds.

Mary, my mom, ask forgiveness of your Divine Son
the sin of turning your Bethlehem into Calvary.
Pray Him, Mary, in these final remaining seconds
the grace by no means to crucify him once more
nor pierce your individual coronary heart with seven swords.
Mary, beg your dying son whereas I stay. . . Maria! Jesus is useless. . . Maria!

Prayers are excerpts from The Seven Final Phrases, by Venerable Fulton John Sheen, 1933, revealed by Our Sunday Customer, Huntington, Indiana, Imprimatur of Bishop John Francis Noll, DD, Diocese of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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